General knowledge question and answer on Computer

Select the smallest memory size
A.    megabyte(MB)
B.    kilobyte (kb)
C.    gigabyte(GB)
D.    terabyte(TB)

Answer : B.   kilobyte (kb)

The word length of a home computer is
A.    8 bits
B.    16 bits
C.    32 bits
D.    64 bits

Answer : D.  64 bits

CD-ROM stands for
A.    Compactable Read Only Memory
B.    Compact Data Read Only Memory
C.    Compactable Disk Read Only Memory
D.    Compact Disk Read Only Memory

Answer : D.  Compact Disk Read Only Memory

A.    Universal Automatic Computer
B.    Universal Array Computer
C.    Unique Automatic Computer
D.    Unvalued Automatic Computer

Answer : A.  Universal Automatic Computer

ALU is
A.    Arithmetic Logic Unit
B.    Array Logic Unit
C.    Application Logic Unit
D.    None of above

Answer : A.  Arithmetic Logic Unit

VGA is
A.    Video Graphics Array
B.    Visual Graphics Array
C.    Volatile Graphics Array
D.    Video Graphics Adapter

Answer : A.  Video Graphics Array

IBM 1401 is
A.    First Generation Computer
B.    Second Generation Computer
C.    Third Generation Computer
D.    Fourth Generation Computer

Answer : B.   Second Generation Computer

MSI stands for
A.    Medium Scale Integrated Circuits
B.    Medium System Integrated Circuits
C.    Medium Scale Intelligent Circuit
D.    Medium System Intelligent Circuit

Answer : A.  Medium Scale Integrated Circuits

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