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General knowledge question and answer on Defence

From which of the following countries has India purchased the Pilatus PC-7 trainer aircraft
A.    United States of America
B.    France
C.    Switzerland
D.    Germany

Answer : C.  Switzerland

Admiral Gorshkov, the Soviet aircraft carrier imported by India is now named -
A.    INS Vikrant
B.    INS Vikramaditya
C.    INS Virat
D.    INS Vishaal

Answer : B.   INS Vikramaditya

Which of the following organizations has Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha as its slogan?
A.    Border Security Forece
B.    Sikh Light Infantry
C.    Indian Air Force
D.    National Security Guard

Answer : D.  National Security Guard

At which of the following places is the Heavy Vehicles Factory located?
A.    Kanpur
B.    Khadki
C.    Avadi
D.    24 Paraganas

Answer : C.  Avadi

At which of the following places was a new officers Training Academy for training Army officers established in 2011?
A.    Pune
B.    Jabalpur
C.    Secunderabad
D.    Gaya

Answer : D.  Gaya

Which of the following aircraft is the air-to-air refueller of the Indian Air Force?
A.    C – 17 Globemaster
B.    IIyushin - 76
C.    IIyushin - 78
D.    C – 130J Hercules

Answer : C.  IIyushin - 78

Which of the following is India’s first indigenously developed nuclear powered submarine?
A.    INS Vikrant
B.    INS Trikhand
C.    INS Arihant
D.    INS Sindhurakshak

Answer : C.  INS Arihant

Who of the following is the only Chief of Air Staff to be given the rank of Marshall of the Indian Air Force?
A.    Arjan Singh
B.    Subroto Mukherjee
C.    P.C. Lal
D.    O.P. Mehra

Answer : A.  Arjan Singh