General knowledge question and answer on Geography

Rift valley is formed
(SSC GL 2014)
A.    between two anticlines
B.    between two faults
C.    erosion of synclinal basin
D.    due to volcanic eruption

Answer : B.   between two faults

V- shaped valley is formed by
(MTS 2014)
A.    Wind
B.    River
C.    underground water
D.    Glacier

Answer : B.   River

A plain formed by the uplift of a part of the sea floor is called a-
(SSC 2014)
A.    erosional plain
B.    structural plain
C.    depositional plain
D.    alluvial plain

Answer : B.   structural plain

Which of the following is depositional landform ?
(CDS 2014)
A.    Stalagmite
B.    lapis
C.    sinkhole
D.    cave

Answer : A.  Stalagmite

Which type of lake is formed by volcanic activities ?
(SSC 2014)
A.    Lagoon
B.    Fresh water lake
C.    cladera lake
D.    Karst lake

Answer : C.  cladera lake

The area which is resistant to any massive structural transformation is called
(SSC 2014)
A.    rigid mass
B.    ancient landmass
C.    shield
D.    tectonic plate

Answer : D.  tectonic plate

Caledonian orogenic movements are related to the geological history of
A.    Late silurian and early devonian period
B.    late jurassic and early cretaceous period
C.    middle triassic period
D.    none of these

Answer : A.  Late silurian and early devonian period

Calcium carbonate deposited by precipititation form carbonate -saturated waters around hot spring is called
A.    Stalactite
B.    Stalagmite
C.    travertine
D.    lapies

Answer : A.  Stalactite

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