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General knowledge question and answer on India

Which of the following cities of india is being developed at the first solar city through the promotion of non-conventional source of energy ?
A.    Anandpur Sahib
B.    Pune
C.    Secunderabad
D.    Bangalore

Answer : A.  Anandpur Sahib

The famous Lagoon lake of india is
A.    Dal Lake
B.    Chilka Lake
C.    Pulicat Lake
D.    Manasarovar

Answer : C.  Pulicat Lake

The total area of india is 
A.    31 lakh sq. km
B.    33 lakh sq. km
C.    320 lakh sq. km
D.    35 lakh sq. km

Answer : B.   33 lakh sq. km

Kandla Port is situated in
A.    Bay of Bengal
B.    Rann of Kutch
C.    Bay of Kutch
D.    India Ocean

Answer : C.  Bay of Kutch

Where is Meenakshi Temple situated ?
A.    Madurai
B.    Mahabalipuram
C.    Rameshwaraam
D.    Guwahati

Answer : A.  Madurai

Largest botanical garden in india is located in
A.    Mysore
B.    Bangalore
C.    Srinagar
D.    Kolkata

Answer : B.   Bangalore

India receives the major part of its rain from
A.    North-east monsoon
B.    North-west monsoon
C.    South-east monsoon
D.    South-west monsoon

Answer : D.  South-west monsoon

Where is the Hussain Sagar Lake situated ?
A.    Mumbai
B.    Pune
C.    Bangalore
D.    Hyderabad

Answer : D.  Hyderabad