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General knowledge question and answer on Indian constitution

Who of the following acted as the Constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly?
A.    VP Menon
B.    Dr Rajendra Prasad
C.    BN Rau
D.    Dr Sachhidanand Sinha

Answer : C.  BN Rau

ICGS Arnvesh has been commissioned by the Indian Coast Guard in which state?
A.    Tamil Nadu
B.    Kerala
C.    West Bengal
D.    Andhra Pradesh

Answer : D.  Andhra Pradesh

The party "Forward Block" was formed by _______
A.    Bhagat singh
B.    S.Patel
C.    M.Gandhi
D.    S.C.Bose

Answer : D.  S.C.Bose

Who declares the financial emergency ?
A.    President
B.    Prime Minister
C.    Finance Minister
D.    None of the above

Answer : A.  President

The idea of a Contituent Assembly to fram a Constitution of India was first mooted by?
A.    M N Roy in 1927
B.    the Indian National Congress in 1936
C.    the Muslim League in 1942
D.    the All Parties Conference in 1946

Answer : A.  M N Roy in 1927

Under the PIN Code System, the number of postal zones in India are?
A.    6
B.    7
C.    8
D.    9

Answer : D.  9

Who among the following was the Chairman of the Union Constitution Committee of the Constituent Assembly?
A.    B R Ambedkar
B.    J B Kripalani
C.    Jawaharlal Nehru
D.    Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar

Answer : C.  Jawaharlal Nehru

Which one of the following on the Consolidated Fund of India?
A.    Salary and allowances of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.
B.    Salary and allowances of the Vice President of India.
C.    Salary and allowances of the President of India.
D.    Salary and allowances of the Justices of the Supreme Court of India.

Answer : B.   Salary and allowances of the Vice President of India.